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Jerry Mock with the World, Bronze Sculpture

by Renate Fackler Bronze Sculpture Commissioned Work

Jerry Mock with the World, Bronze Sculpture

In addition to Jerrie at The Works in Newark, Ohio, it seemed appropriate to honor her at Port Columbus International Airport, as she flew in and out of Columbus after circumnavigating the world.

A group called the Pilot Club worked in conjunction with The Columbus Foundation to raise enough money to cast and install a second sculpture of Jerrie Mock. However, to distinguish the Port Columbus Jerrie Mock sculpture from the Jerrie at the Works, we changed the pose to Jerrie holding the world with the flight path on it, instead of Jerrie holding the book she wrote, which is installed at The Works in Newark, Ohio.

To create the second sculpture, I used the same mold for the body and face, but made new arms holding the world. The foundry then made a new mold of the hands and globe, and substituted the new parts for the original hands and book.

To further distinguish the airport Jerrie from The Works Jerrie, I used a lighter patina. The chemicals are the same, but the application of heat is different. The patina for Jerrie at the Works is a dark chestnut brown, while the patina at Port Columbus is a golden brown.

To create the patina for the first Jerrie, I used Birchwood Casey, M24, which a black patina as a base coat. Then I burnished back the Birchwood Casey, and applied ferric nitrate to a very hot surface, starting at the bottom of the back of the sculpture. The patina is applied using torch, and is controlled by the amount of heat and chemicals applied. After the surface cooled, a lacquer containing UV inhibitors was sprayed on to protect the finish. To create a satin finish, butchers wax was applied over the lacquer.

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