4 Elements: Earth, Water, Wind, Fire
A Saloonless Nation
A Sculptor's Hands
Across the Field
Aristide Bruant in the Cabret
Beagle Puppies
Beanie Drake
Between Heaven and Earth
Biorhythms 2" Biorhythms Variation
Bird of Paradise
Bird of Paradise Variations
Birds in Flight
Blue Heron
Bronze Tile Project Columbus Academy
Brutus Buckeye
Brutus In Bronze
Can Can Girls
Carefree Carly
Carry Me
Celestial Harmony
Cheering Brutus
Circadian Rhythm Variation 2
Circadian Rhythm Variations
Complete Devotion
Copper River Run
Crown Tail Warrior
Cultivating Beauty
Dance Lesson
Dawn Dancing
Discovering Iris
Discovering Iris Variations
Divan Japonais
Doubting Thomas
Doubting Thomas Closeup
Echappe II
Enchanted Variation
Epicenter Variation
Fibonacci Five, Goddess of Motion Variation
Fiddlehead Fern
Fruit of the Vine Variations
Glissade Variation
Global Fusion
Gravity and Grace
Greek Faces
Greek Faces
High Point Elementary
In the Flow
Jane Avril, Jardin di Paris
Jane Avril, Serpent Dress 18
Jerrie Mock
Jerrie Mock at the Airport
Jesus at Emmaus
Jesus in Mary at the Tomb
Jesus in Mary at the Tomb Closeup
Jesus in The Road to Emmaus
Jones Middle School
Jumping Daisies
Jumping Daisys
La Chanca Variation
La Goulue and Valentin-de-Desosse
Lady Slipper Orchid
Lady Slipper Orchid (2)
Le Papilion
Mary at the Tomb
Mary in Mary at the Tomb Closeup
Mudd Puddle
Nancy Krueger
Nancy Moore Clatworthy
Nude With Umbrella
Nude With Umbrella
Numinous Lotus Blossom Variation
Ode to Martha Graham
OM Variation
Pam and Eva
Pan, God of Nature
Peace, Luck & Harmony
Peter Closeup in Pentecost
Porcelian Lady Slipper Orchid
Prima Ballerina
Pura Vida
Rite of Spring
Serpentine Union
Shooting Marbles
Soliloquy 2
Spawning Season
Spirit Of Lascaux
Spiritual Alchemy
Summer Days
Sync Swim I
The Lark Ascending
The Rainmaker
The Rainmaker 2
Tribal Ritual Variation
Umbrella Girl Variations
Universal Merkaba
Universal Merkaba II
Valkyrian Flight
Winging It 7